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Left Mouse Button + Move-Rotate 3D Model
CTRL + Left Mouse Button + Move-Pan 3D Model
Middle Mouse Button + Move-Pan 3D Model
Mouse Wheel-Zoom In/Out
-Reset View
-Toggle Fullscreen
- Zoom In/Out
-Toggle Light control: Left Mouse Button + Move to change light direction.
-Toggle Hotspots: Click on highlighted geometries to get additional info
-Measurement mode: measure point-to-point distance on the 3D model by clicking on two points.
-Point-Picking mode: click on the model to know the XYZ coordinates of that point.
-Cut-through Sections: open the section interface to interactively cut the model along the XYZ axes.
-Saves a screenshot of the current view.

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DarkLab - Lund University

Orthographic View

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Measured length
Local coordinates
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